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Working For Yourself Is A Challenge

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

Working for yourself is a challenge, after you leave your job, there’s no-one to tell you what to do anymore and while that’s the greatest feeling in the world, it’s also one of the most frightening decisions you can make because now you have to create your own motivation and give yourself things to do.

If you fall into the trap of sitting there scrolling through facebook or Instagram, you might as well start filling out job applications again … you have to change your behaviours and that change needs to be in place before you start working for yourself. Preparation is the key to everything … you will need a system to carry you through and give you certainty when you feel like it’s not working – and that will happen a lot …

You’ll have to self-monitor how efficient you are, what your working hours are, what you produce and how you deal with your customers, it’s all on you now.

I’m no brain surgeon – far from it actually, I didn’t even finish high school and remember that I didn’t start this until I was almost 50 years old,  but I created a seven figure turnover in my business and the whole time I was plagued by uncertainty, doubt and fear of failure. I still am, don’t think it goes away, it doesn’t. There have been so many times when I thought it wasn’t working, so how do you deal with this? … you start working on changing your behaviours before you make the leap, that’s how you deal with it, and it’s not that hard – find small projects where you have to focus on and deliver an outcome within a certain timeframe and start with things that you enjoy doing.

When you deliver that outcome in the time you set yourself, you’ve just proved you can do it and there’s no turning back after that – you know you can so why aren’t you? 

Doing this creates new habits and a habit is nothing more than a system, it’s a system of behaviours so, if you create a new behaviour system, then you can compare it to the one you currently use when you start a project or face a certain challenge. Habits are hard to break so don’t try to break them, just create a new one and see which works better. If the new habit works better than the old habit, it’s pretty obvious which one you’re going to use and an interesting thing happens after that, you start to change as a person, you become more confident and you take on bigger and more complex challenges and as you execute each one successfully the cycle continues and before you know it, you’re one of those people who gets asked a lot of questions. You seem to know what to do – you’re an expert.

What scares most people off having a go at working for themselves is that they want the security of a regular income, because that’s what they’ve always had, but what happens if that security is suddenly affected by something like coronavirus? 

All the jobs are gone and everyone is desperate. Everyone that is, except the people who were prepared, luckily I was one of them but that wasn’t through clever planning. I didn’t see coronavirus coming, no-one did but I’d set my business up so that I would receive ongoing income through any disruption, as I said, that wasn’t brilliant planning on my part, I just saw opportunities along the way that I thought might be good so I followed them up, I did what other people weren’t doing, sometimes that worked, a lot of times it didn’t but one of those things was an idea about how people could pay for their products. 

I created a new system from that idea and it’s been rewarding us ever since. It’s a recurring income stream, it’s money that drops in the bank every week and sustains us through the tough times. You can do this and I can show you how, if I can, anyone can – you can have the life you want if you want it bad enough, it’s a fantastic journey and it’s one that I want to share with you, I hope this has given you something to think about because if you do make the leap and believe in yourself, your life will change in unimaginable ways, we post on youtube every Thursday so check it out and while you’re there, please subscribe to the channel and ring the bell to get the latest updates, stay positive and I’ll see you next week.