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When To Ask For A Referral

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

You’ve got a great opportunity to get ‘money for nothing’ (but you won’t get your kicks for free) by using your customers to tell their friends about you and the experience they’ve had at your studio, referrals are money for jam and the best time to ask for a referral is straight after your client has seen their photos. They’re still buzzing from the photoshoot, they’ve just seen their portraits and had a good laugh and probably a few tears, they’re feeling great and there’s just a fun vibe in the air. There’s a sense of accomplishment, especially from Mum, she’s gone to so much trouble getting everything and everyone organised for this and now it’s done and she loves the photos. All her fears proved to be unfounded, she loves how the kids looked, her makeup was perfect and even the grumpy husband looked pretty good!

Emotion plays a huge role here and this is the time that it will be at its peak … this is the perfect time to leverage that emotion into referrals.

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Saying something as simple as, ‘’Do you know anyone else who might like to do this?’ can lead to some very good leads in the form of referrals. They are overwhelmed by what they’ve just seen and how they’re feeling and if you conveniently have a pen and paper handy which you can gently push toward them, there’s a high likelihood that they will start writing down the names and contact details of their friends.

They are going to go straight to them to show them what they got anyway so you’re letting them do the work for you, they will start building the anticipation when they tell them about the experience they’ve had, they will tell them how much they spent so they are doing most of your work for you!

When the phone call comes, they will be prepared for you, knowing how much it costs and what the ultimate reward is – because of the risk free guarantee you offer with every photo session, there’s a good chance they will book a session, out of curiosity if nothing else. The rest, as they say is history, they will more than likely buy, and it will be more than they expected.

It can be a bit daunting asking for referrals at first but you’ll soon get used to it and it just becomes second nature … if you turn it around though, you’re not really asking for something, you’re offering them something. If they refer a friend who comes to you as a result of their recommendation, you’re going to reward them even further with another gift as a way of saying thank you.

It just keeps getting better for them and these are the sorts of things that will set you apart from the others, by giving extra value … unexpected value, you’re over delivering … and who doesn’t want to get unexpected inclusions for free?

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