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What do people see when they walk into your studio?

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

You know those really annoying ads on TV that come up 5 times during a single ad break, you keep trying to ignore them but the keep saying, ‘look at me’, look at me’ … you ignore them for as long as you can but eventually you go, ‘what the hell is this all about?’ … and they’ve got you.

What do people see when they walk into your studio? Do they see what they will potentially buy? The subconscious mind is an amazing thing and just like those ads on the television, if you’ve got examples of great wall art, and print collections or photobooks, displayed around the studio environment, it plants a seed, it arouses curiosity, because even if they’re not looking at those things, they’re still seeing them and when it comes to show time in the sales room later on, they will see their own photos in these displays.

think about it, what’s the first thing you do when you walk into a new place?, you look around to familiarise yourself.

Take advantage of that first impression to show them what they’re going to buy from you …  I’m Mark Lait and I built my photography seven figure business from scratch, I can show you how to do that in the training courses on this website.

We like to sell a large wall portrait, a multi-image display of the children and something personal for the parents, see examples of these below

The Single Image Family Portrait

The multi image display of the children

Something special for the parents

So we have these 3 items on the wall as soon as people walk into our building. It’s the first thing they see, the pre consultation follows that which is where you’ll tell them the prices of those items and this is a good place for that to occur, they’ve seen those things and they know how much they cost before going into the shoot.

This gives them time to process everything they’ve heard because you don’t want to be surprising them with prices when you get to the sale … that won’t make you any friends … what else do they see when they walk into your studio? It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be simple, clean and tidy, we’ve just got a couple of leather lounges where can sit next to our clients and get to know them and I believe it’s good to  have that initial meeting at a relaxed conversational level, it continues to create a bond and that’s part of the know, like and trust cycle which is so important in business. If you want to find some great business tips, head over to our tips page and you’ll find plenty to keep you busy.