Tips to help you improve your business

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Information overload – breaking it down

It's easy to become overwhelmed when someone is blasting you with too much information, so it's important to help them understand by chunking it down into manageable pieces.

Face to face sales

Face to face sales are a sure way to make that you can use human connection to it's best ability, connect and you will have higher sales.

Sales – Seeing the value

What people say they are goping to spend and what they actually do spend are two different things and it all comes down to when they see the value

Sales – One size fits all

Having only one option eliminates so much wasted time, people stuggle to know what is best for them, so it's up to you to show them.

Conversations – Give them the choice

Would you like the 8.45 or the 2.45 appointment? strangely, people will usually take the second offer, but there are ways to make sure that suits you!

Conversations – Smile and be polite

When you smile before you pick up the phone, you are a different person and that comes across in the tone of your voice - the client hears it.

Conversations – Use their name

Sometimes they have the strangest names but that's not their fault, don't try to guess, make it a talking point and you will have some great conversations

Conversations – You’re not a robot

You can't just read off a script and expect to sound genuine - you have to be genuine, this wuick tip explains how it's never about you and always about them.

Where to sit when talking to a client

Did you know that sitting beside someone will increase your chances of a sale - it took me a while to work it out, check this out to learn more ...

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Who buys photography

You might think that the folks with all the money are the buyers but nothing could be further from the truth - it's the average family that purchases them.

Outsourcing Your Photo editing

Do you produce in-house or tender your production out to a supplier - we've found advantages in both but it's never set in stone.

Do you take too many photos?

Taking too many photos is one sure way to confuse the client, it also wears them out when the time comes to choose their favourites

Increase your income from photography

Are you too stubborn to ask for help? your business will benefit greatly when you let your guard down and open your eyes to the possibilities.

Marketing Myths Exposed

Marketing doesn't mean money in the bank - but it's a good start, marketing is just getting the leads, then the hard work begins

Are they seeing the value

Without knowledge, we don't understand - it's your job to make sure the customer is informed.

Why you should start your photography business now.

None of us are getting any younger, don't be the one who wakes up one day and realises they are stuck.

Photography reviews – How much do they really matter.

Do you use reviews to make a decision about a business? you might find that they're not that relevant.

You’re never too old to start a photography business

You're what? you're too old to start something new, sorry, I have to disagree with you on that!

How to get great google reviews for your photography business

There's one way which can explode your 5 star google reviews, check this out to learn more

Explain your photography process simply

Keeping it simple gives your client a chance to absorb each element of your process.

Don’t hide the facts!

Is the fear of failure something which stops you from acheiving the things you want to acheive. This can stop you in your tracks.

Email or paper mail?

Is the fear of failure something which stops you from acheiving the things you want to acheive. This can stop you in your tracks.

What do people see?

Are you showing people what you want them to buy from you?,you need to plant the seed and arouse their interest in what you want to sell.

Sales is not as hard as you think

Learn how to create customisable forms where you can refine your target audience even further with the powerful 'add questions' option.

How to double your average sale

They always advise you to think outside the box, when I did this we doubled our average sale, there is great benefit in doing something different

Why price doesn’t matter

When people see value, price becomes a secondary consideration, this explains in simple terms how not everyone sees price as an obstacle

What are you selling … it’s not photos

You might think that you are selling photos ... but you're not, you are selling an experience, coupled with a commodity and a result.