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Staying Focussed

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

Over the years, I’ve spent a heap of money on courses and programs expecting to find tips and techniques to improve the bottom line of my business. A few have been great, some have been average but most just don’t measure up to what I expected.

I used to always say that I wouldn’t get sucked in again but then I thought ‘how else are you going to find out what is good and what is bad …. how else are you going to find the right learning resources?’ Everything looks great from the outside but you won’t really find out what you‘re getting until you pay your money is designed to take your money and I can see how some people fall off the path and decide that it’s all too hard.

Don’t feel like you’re a fool or that you’ve been suckered into paying for something and when you open the box it’s not what you thought. We all do it and I think the reason why people fall off the path is because they think they’ve failed when they get stung a couple of times. I’m not saying that all of these programs are bad but it’s a lucky dip isn’t it.

I now see them learning opportunities and you will make plenty of mistakes in business, you know, not so long ago I spent $20k on a marketing campaign – it didn’t work, I beat myself up so bad over that. But, I didn’t give up, I learned what to never do again, I got smacked around the ring a bit but I didn’t fall down and neither should you, just stay focussed on the big picture.

I will share what goes on in my head here, when we get a run of no sales or there is a huge outgoings bill that week or someone wants to cancel their order or any one of a dozen other fires that need putting out … I literally just look straight ahead and focus on the job at hand, like a horse, on a running track, you know, with the blinkers on just staring straight ahead … all of those other things are just distractions – I put them out of my mind, I can’t afford to think of them. They’ll all go away, and so will your business if you let them knock you out! Make a time to deal with them but make sure you put the consistent running of your business first, never let these dramas distract you. Think of it this way, did you ever learn at school ‘how not to buy things off facebook’ or ‘how to recognise a dodgy deal’ … no, of course not – you learned what the longest river in Africa is, useful for some people I suppose, snake hunters or something. Nobody showed you how to run a business, it’s not your fault and I’m on your side … I’ve learned everything by trial and error

There are so many programs out there created by people who haven’t done it, they don’t have any experience of actually doing what they’re selling in their day to day business and that’s why I’ve decided to create this program.

I’m an average guy who just stays focussed, no business qualifications, no college education – I’m a proud and successful business owner who just does the same thing every day and I love it.

I’ve been around for a while and you don’t get to be this age without learning a few things. One of those is how to make money from photography –enough to make a very comfortable living for my family and you know why? Because I know how to do it right.

I’m can show you how to make money from your passion for photography– that’s what I know how to do … I know that you can get the same result as I’ve got, remember, I’ve done all this myself and you can too, you can even fast track your progress using my systems. It would have been so much easier for me if I had these same tools when I started, I would have saved years of experimenting and thousands of dollars.

You can be more successful more quickly and accelerate your profits by learning from my mistakes. I’ve been there, I’ve done it and I can show you how to do it as well. My systems will help you to have structure and direction to grow your business and earn a fantastic living doing what you already love to do.