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Selling To A Client

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

It’s natural to meet resistance

I’m going to tell you something that you might find unbelievable but it’s absolutely true.

Did you know that where you sit when you’re talking to someone can make a difference to whether they buy from you? It seems strange but it’s true and I’ll give you an example, when I first started in this business I was clueless, I couldn’t sell water to someone dying of thirst in the desert – until I had to … and I had to because if I didn’t I was going to use up all of my savings, that was the only money I had.

Being as experienced as I wasn’t, I set up my first sales room with me at a desk over to the right of the client, with my back to them as I ran the slideshow for them to view their images, it worked okay but when I look back I realise how impersonal it was, can you imagine someone talking to you while they’re facing away from you?

It was one of those fortunate accidents that happened one day when the computer wasn’t working so I had to use a laptop and for no reason at all, I sat down beside the client and ran the slideshow – I couldn’t believe the difference it made!

The interaction was incredible, I could see the expression in her face as she saw her photos and I was silently making notes of the ones she really liked – I knew I could leverage this later when it came to product selection.

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Anyway, I found by sitting next to the client that selling the value was easier as well and if you don’t know how to sell value, emotion is your best friend,  It’s one of the sales techniques I have used from the start, when you see your client react in a positive way, you can just casually slip in something like ‘that’s one of my favourites’ and this will validate what they think of it as well, then you are sort of like a mini team, it’s the both of you against no-one.

You can’t pick up on that stuff when you have your back turned to them … let’s continue on with that for a minute, when they gasp or give you a positive indication that they love a particular image, you can use some clever sales qualification questions

Saying something like – ‘if you were able to have that photo in a wall display, where would you put it i?’

if they suggest a particular a location, they’ve just bought it, all you have to do is make it possible now and there are plenty of ways to do that,  have a look at the sales tips on the resources tab of our website, there’s some good stuff there.

Consumer behaviour dictates that if they perceive a good deal they will probably go for it and I know we say it a lot but, a lesson will repeat itself until it’s learned so I’ll say it again, give inclusions, not discounts, your pitch could go something like this

‘I can see that you love that photo and you said that it would look great in your living room as a wall display, but we’ve got all of these other great photos as well’ … now here’s one of my closing tips – what I say then is ‘I’ll tell you what, if you buy that wall display and the superior print collection, I’ll include a standard print set of your six favourite photos that you can give to your family, that’s a bonus value of $1250, how does that sound?’

This is how to close deals and it’s also how you increase you profit, to learn whether you’re charging enough for your photography,

On the home page, grab the document ‘Do You Know How Much It Costs You To Do A Session?’ to see how you compare with others.

Now everyone loves a freebie and you’re offering them $1250 of value for nothing, that wall display and the superior print collection is something we sell for $7000, if you offer them a discount of 10% you’ve just lost $700, if you include something valued at $1250 you’ve lost the cost of production of that item, for us, that’s around $100 for a standard print collection, what would you rather lose, $700 or $100 … don’t even bother answering that.

Let’s get back to the where you’re sitting when you’re selling, by sitting beside them, not too close of course, you’re showing them that you’re equal, you’re the same as them and most people don’t like to be different, remember, people do what people do so when you do this, you’re the same as them, you’re doing what they’re doing … we talk a lot about giving letting the client have the control in all situations so  by reflecting their behaviour you’re telling them that they’re in control if someone thinks it’s their decision, it’s almost over.

Use this when you get sales objections, if they think the price is too high, agree with them, don’t fight them because you’ll just start a fight, if you agree with them, they’ll be caught off guard, they weren’t expecting that! ‘

‘I understand, it’s a lot of money isn’t it but how often do you think you’ll do this and if I said that you that I have a way that you can take these home with you today, would you be interested in finding out more?’

We all know that curiosity kills cats, selling to a client can become a bit of a game after a while and it’s actually quite fun but the psychology of sales is something that takes a while to understand and everyone has a different approach, this is mine but I know that Becky and Alice have sales techniques, so thanks for your time today, I hope this has been helpful and we’d really appreciate it if you could share this post