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Sales is not all about you, it’s about the customer.

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Mark Lait

Mark Lait

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Do you think they will remember who sold them the photos?

Making sales to the customer is a skill.

Nobody’s going to remember the name of the company that took their photos in 10 years time so don’t forget that it’s not all about you, it’s about the customer.

Actually, nobody’s going to remember the name of the company that took their photos in 10 minutes time.

We’ve tried all of this in our business and one of the things I’m going to talk about is branding – People love to put their logos on their matboards when they’re producing prints for their clients, but this adds to your workflow.

 You have to have your branding on the bottom of a portrait mat board and on the bottom of a landscape matboard and this is one of the areas that I identify as different from the others.

Optimise your inventory

If you shoot more portrait photos than landscape photos, you’re going to run out of portrait matboards and you’re going to have an excess of landscape matboards and this will have implications in the profit from your sales.

I tried an experiment one day, I thought I’m going to ask people who’ve had a photoshoot before where they got their photos done – I reckon it probably would have been about 10% knew who it was, nobody else did.

While it feels great to have your studio name emblazoned on the mat boards or on the bottom of a wall display –  I found that it just annoyed people. If you’re asking someone to pay you thousands of dollars for a piece of artwork for their home, why would they want your company’s name all over it.

In you sales, make it easy for them to buy.

I’ve actually had people expressly ask me not to put our logo on their wall art, of course at first I took offence because our company is the best in the world but after thinking about it for a while I thought, you know what they’re absolutely right.

If they pay in that amount of money why would they want to have our logo all over it.

Sales are not all about you, they’re about giving the customer the best experience you can and giving them value for their money. Your customer will buy from you if the experience is good.

If part of that value is not having your logo on their artwork then so be it, don’t put it on there .

My name is Mark Lait and I’ve learned a whole lot about being self-indulgent when it comes to placing our brand on every product we sell.

I want you to be aware of the implications of doing this so to learn more, subscribe to the you tube channel and give us a thumbs up.

image of man holding money he saved from making sales

Minimise your expenses

When we talk about making money from photography we’re also talking about optimising the workflow, minimising expenses and producing high quality product for the minimum cost, now one of those minimum costs is having a versatile product inventory .

Use only one size matboard

If, like us you choose not to have your logo on the bottom of your matboards, you can use those matboards for either portrait or landscape photos , it won’t make any difference and you’ll never have excess stock on hand.

There was a real push a few years ago from all the marketers who said you had to have your branding on everything, ‘you’ve got to establish a brand’ they’d say but you know what? building a brand is an expensive exercise.

The hidden costs

Registration fees apply, you’ll probably have to trademark it or anybody can use that brand –  these are things that you don’t get told at the beginning.

Your sales need to account for these extra costs.

Even worse if you decide that you don’t like that branding anymore, for whatever reason, you have to change everything you’ve ever done, and I’ll guarantee you won’t remember it all..

woman's hand with calculator and a pen working out the sales Your sales need to cover all the expenses?

If you do create a brand, then you’ve got to let everybody know about it and that involves more expense and it’s probably expense that you hadn’t considered incurring when you thought about branding your business.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a business name that you promote, I do, we all do but what I am saying is just be careful of listening to people who tell you that you have to have a brand because usually they’re marketers and who’s going to benefit the most from that? They are.

I’m going to tell you the facts exactly as I’ve experienced them.

Have you done your due diligence?

It’s important for you to do your own due diligence and find out exactly what the complete array of costs is going to be before you invest in anything.

When we start out, we’ve got stars in our eyes and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I just want to make sure that you’re completely informed about all the possibilities that you could face along the journey and what a great journey it is.

Next week I’m going to talk about why you should eliminate the word ‘maybe’ from your sales process so make sure that you hang around for that one, it’s a beauty so I’ll see you then.