You’re never too old to start a photography business

You’re never too old to start a photography business

Have the best years passed you by? Do you think here’s not enough time left to start something new? Is it time to order a zimmer frame?

Well, I want to share my perspective on this. I was almost 50 years old when I started this business and at the time I wasn’t overly confident of success. I was the one thinking those things but as years went by I came to a few startling realisations. They say that youth is wasted on the young and I believe that’s true but it’s also wasted on younger you, what would you be doing today if you had the knowledge you have now, 10 years ago, or 20 years ago?

You might imagine enormous wealth, fast cars and luxurious holidays but imaginations exaggerate a bit, the point I’m making is that there’s nothing stopping you from doing that now. I know that some of will think that 30 is old and I did when I was 30 but in the blink of an eye I was 60 and I am so grateful that I had the courage to give this a go, what I’ve learned has had immeasurable impact on my confidence, my leadership ability and my compassion for people, that’s just to name a few. What it’s had the most impact on is my bank account.

My name is Mark Lait and I created a portrait photography business with  turnover in excess of a million dollars a year and I didn’t start till I was almost 50 so you’ve got no excuses, it’s about having solid systems. The older you are the more experience you already have, before you even pick up a camera, think about this, older people generally have more money which means they can afford the buffer you need to get you going, there’s more about this on the website.

Older folks tend to have more patience and understanding as well, we’re less likely to take things personally, probably because we’ve been there before and know that patience provides good outcomes, the doctors all tell us we should move more but let me tell you from personal experience that as a portrait photographer, you are constantly up and down and moving about so the incidental health benefits are more than enough, and while we’re here let me tell you that it is my belief that constantly interacting with people, using computers, writing articles, learning how to market, researching new ideas and being prepared to take on new challenges keeps your mind active, it ploughs the soil of success and there are always new shoots sprouting somewhere … it’s true what they say, either use it or lose it! It’s not going to feed itself!

As the old Chinese proverb says, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second-best time is today – it doesn’t matter when you start but you must start.

You know what else, grey hair shows experience, people have more respect for the grey brigade and if you’re grey and cool, like me you’re way out in front. Grey hair speaks in volumes. If you’re an older citizen and pondering the idea of becoming a professional portrait photographer, give it a go – you just might surprise yourself! If you worry about failure, watch this video where I talk about ‘failure being your friend’

Please share this with someone who might benefit from it, this is not just about the photography business, it’s about life, most of this stuff applies to how we live our lives so let’s try to make a difference in someone else’s – see you soon.

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