Why you should start your photography business now

A friend that I’d had for 40 years died recently, he was the guy who almost had everything, brilliant songwriter, he appeared on ‘the voice’ several times – he was commissioned to play private parties in foreign countries more than once and rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the music industry – but he’s dead now. He was always happy and I think I know why – he got do what he wanted to for his whole life and most of us don’t get to do that because we think we have to stay in our secure job – but what’s secure about anything nowdays?

Another friend of mine is so disorganised that he couldn’t hit a bull’s arse with a fist full of rice at 5 paces, but he’s brilliant at what he does and although he is constantly telling me that one day he’s going to start his business I don’t believe him.

I used to play guitar with that first guy and he was world class, I was never in his league, he just has something special but as it worked out, so did I. It took me a while to figure out what it was but eventually I realise it was tenacity an determination.

There’s always going to be people better than you at a certain thing but do they have that tenacity and determination. While other people I knew in the music industry were complaining about no work, I was out in the country every weekend making money from playing my guitar – I wasn’t as good as some of them but I was smarter – I was the one making money and it’s the same in business.

I’m Mark Lait and I created a million dollar a year revenue stream from portrait photography and it’s all based on systems.

When I started this business I didn’t know how to anything but after a while I saw brilliant photographers at industry events and they were saying the same thing – only this time it was many years later and I thought, hang on – there’s a bit of a pattern here. Some of these photographers were complaining that digital had killed the industry and the ‘shoot and burn’ brigade was destroying their business – but my busines grew to a turnover of more than a million dollars a year after that? What was going on – history was repeating itself and again I realised that while they were complaining, I was doing and that’s what made the difference. I remember this well, those ‘icons’ of the industry were listening to a speaker who was a photographer who had done well in her business, they were hanging on every word she said, then they went and bought her books and when I saw them again, guess what – they were still complaining!

This is about doing and it’s about doing while you can and we all have the ability to do it. Photography is not hard, that’s why so many people do it but making money from photography, enough money to live a comfortable life without doing anything else is harder but by no means too hard – just remember that I was a lawnmower man who wandered the country playing guitar once and now I’m a million dollar business owner.

I’ll finish by telling you about another friend who makes a six figure income with a 3 at the front, she performs a specialised task for corporate entities – never been to university a day in her life – she just said ‘I can do that’ when she was asked.

This is why you should start your photography business now, you’ve got one life and you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go.

My training is shortcuts the path to profit from photography so if you want to find out more or just get some great tips on what to do, have a look at the website, it’s in the description below and there’s a link to those tips in the first comment.

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