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Does outsourcing your photo editing really work?

Outsourcing photo editing to a third partyOutsourcing vs inhouse.

Outsourcing photo editing – good or bad idea? here’s my perspective on it.

One of the great things about repetition is that it always becomes easier and another one is that as you repeat processes, you refine them until they best suit your business.

Years ago, there was a real push to outsource all of your production work so that you could concentrate on growing your business and editing photos is part of that production process. I understand that it’s helpful but who to? Who’s going to benefit from it the most? The editing company, that’s who. If you want to get an overview of the business of photography, please check out the Roadmap to Success’. We tried outsourcing photo editing very briefly but went back to editing in house for a number of reasons. Firstly, we learned very quickly that the power is in the moment and that moment is immediately after the photoshoot is finished, your client is hyped and super keen to see what their photos look like. There are exceptions to the rule of course, we advise people with little kids to come back and look at their photos without the kids if they are playing up but we always offer them the opportunity to see them straight away and sometimes you’ve gotta make the call, if the kids are playing up, they will distract the parents who will not be paying as much attention as they should be during the sales session so in that case, to give yourself the best chance of a sale, we advise them to come back another time. You’ve got to give yourself the best chance of a sale.


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Utilising third parties

Essentially, the So back to the point, and this episode was prompted by an email I got this morning promoting ‘3 day turnaround, professional editing services’ and I’m sure they are brilliant at what they do but 3 days?

I can’t even remember what I did 3 days ago, the good old ‘law of diminishing intent’ will always apply itself and the photoshoot becomes less important than it was as soon as it was finished. People move onto other things very quickly, it’s a busy world, we all have busy lives and if you don’t grab that red hot opportunity while it’s right there in your hands, you not doing yourself any favours – you’re missing big sales opportunities.

Let me give you an example, we still have fully edited presentations ready to show people who have never come back to see their photos – when you give people time to think, they will do just that, they’ll consider the price you told them, they’ll think about what else they could be doing with that money, they’ll start to think that photos aren’t really that important anyway – every one of these thoughts is a nail in the coffin of your sale. Many people will disagree but for alternative opinions on outsourcing photo editing, you can check out resources like ‘Expert Photography’.

While you have their attention you can make a deal but when you don’t – it doesn’t matter how many emails you send them to remind them that they need to book in for their viewing session, they will ignore that lot – people mean well but life gets in the way, don’t let that happen – you have to strike while the iron is hot and seize every opportunity you can to show them that ‘something of value’ that they don’t even know about yet.


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return photo editing to senderRedistributing your time

So, these editing houses can cost you up to $300 per month and, as I say, I’m sure that they’re brilliant at what they do but what happens if you get your images back and they’ve missed something, or you’re not happy with their work, or they didn’t follow your brief, what happens then?

You have to send it back, and there’s every chance they will want more money and you will have to wait another 3 days – bugger that, like I said at the beginning, repetition is great and our editing process is so simple because of that, it takes seconds to do a basic edit on a photo while the shoot is taking place, it’s a two click process and the photos are ready immediately. I did a video about this and you can find it here on our you tube channel, it goes into it a bit further so have a look at it and let me know what you think. Please share this video and I’ll see you next time when I’m going to talk about those people who tell you it can’t be done, that you’ll never make it. See you then.