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Objections – Overcoming Resistance

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

It’s natural to meet resistance

When you’re trying to make a connection with a potential customer, it’s natural to meet resistance … they don’t know who you are so they can be hesitant to talk to you at first … what I try to do is meet them on common ground as quickly as possible. This is how you’ll overcome that resistance.

Even though you’ve their details from a competition they entered or whatever, they’ve probably forgotten about it so the phone call can come as a bit of a surprise … the important thing is to establish that common ground and I’ll tell you what that is – it’s their natural desire to have beautiful photos of themselves, and your ability to provide them … they want photos just like the ones they saw when they entered your competition and they know you can give them that and this is what you have in common … so you’re not talking to a stranger, well you sort of are but you’re not, if you know what I mean.

If you’re confident in your delivery you won’t have any problems and you need to always remember that they entered your competition so you’re not cold calling them, you’re responding to their interest in your product.

If you’re someone who struggles with confidence issues when selling to a client, have a look at this business tip for some helpful suggestions.

This is really important to remember and it’s a great ice breaker …  if you say something like ‘I’m so excited that you entered our competition on facebook, tell me a little bit about yourself’ you’ve done a couple of clever things … you’ve reminded them that they entered your competition on facebook and you want to hear them talk about themselves – people like that, they like talking about themselves – and any resistance often just disappears, their defence crumbles because you’re being so nice … ‘you might be my new friend, don’t know yet’ …

Once you overcome that initial hurdle, they are going to ask you all the usual questions like ‘how much does it cost’ or ‘what’s the catch’ and you just have to be honest, tell them there is no catch … what you see is what you get, come and claim your gift and if you don’t want to buy anything, you don’t have to – it’s as simple as that.

Tell them how much they can expect to pay for your photos if they decide to purchase any and tell them a story about someone who thought they wouldn’t be able to buy any and when you showed them how easy it could be, they changed their mind.

There’s loads of ways to overcome resistance, I’ve got an encyclopaedia full of responses that I’ve come up with. There’s some examples in the resources section of the website if you need a reference or you’re not sure how to get started, but anyway, I’m Alice so keep an eye on this page for more tips that will help you with your photography business.