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Marketing myths exposed

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Mark Lait

Mark Lait

Marketing is not as hard as you think.

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Today, marketing myths exposed is our subject

but you need to be able to see through them, it’s easy to get leads and today I want to tell you what I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve got the benefit of having done this for the past 12 years and I’ve made tons of mistakes and spent countless thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t but I like to think that I’ve got a pretty good handle on it now. So when I say that photography marketing myths will be exposed in this video, I’m talking about how just getting leads is not the end of it all, it’s actually the beginning of it.

You can find an overview of most of the business techniques I used to create our seven figure income on our ‘Roadmap to Success’ document

I work on putting 100 leads a week minimum into the business because the figures show that some won’t respond, some will hang up on you and some will spend ten thousand dollars. It’s a game of extremes, our usual cost for a week of marketing can be many thousands of dollars but recently, we had sales in excess of 23k – and that was just for the day.


I’m Mark Lait and I’ve learnt about marketing the costly way, if you want me to help you understand how to reduce and optimise your marketing efforts, have a look at the free tips here

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Facebook leads are a gold mine!

Getting leads is easy but they don’t translate into money in the bank unless you have the right leads and it takes an eternity to learn how to do that, it’s about all I do now because not only do I want to save time, money and resources putting the most likely to buy people through our studio, I want to put the same ones through your studio.

We use facebook for business leads and it works great but this is probably where I’ve wasted and made the most money, finding clients for your business is a never ending process and while they say that the customer you’ve already got is better than one you have to pay for – in this industry, it’s not like going to the shop for groceries – you don’t see the same people frequently but when we do, you know it’s going to be a sale, it’s a high ticket item so people don’t do it every week.

marketing myths exposed by speaker at seminarMarketers are not Gods.

Anyway, knowing how to market a photography business is a skill that you can easily get wrong if you don’t choose the right target audience. I’ve seen some marketers strut and prance around when they’ve delivered me 500 leads at a cost of $1.24 per lead, marketers only have to produce these result – you have to do all the hard work after that. Once they have produced the leads, they will turn around so you can pat them on the back and kiss their feet in eternal gratitude for what they’ve done, but they haven’t done much … they just did what they were expected to do, and you can do it yourself pretty easily once you know how.

money from exposed marketing mythsYou must be profitable.

Thinking that marketing is the be all and end all of putting money in the bank is a journey into tragedy. You don’t see it for a long time, I know photographers who have drip fed their marketing budgets from their personal funds and over time, maybe a year or even a couple of years, they’ve exhausted everything they had to put in – and it still wasn’t working as they expected so they’ve had to close.

There’s a false sense of success when you get customers but  what you make from them isn’t enough to cover the cost of the session. It’s so important that you check the document ‘Knowing the cost of a session’. It’s on the front page of the website.  If you are not profitable, save your money because marketing to the wrong people or marketing the wrong way will cost you money.

With what I’ve learned, we make a very good income and never struggle to find the funds for new opportunities, I can show you show I did this, the link to ‘the beginners guide to starting a photography business from scratch’ is in the description – go and have a look and let know if you like what you see.

Next week I’m going to talk about impostor syndrome, look it up on the web, it’s a very interesting topic. As usual, please share this with your friends and we’ll meet again soon