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man afraid to ask for help

Make more money?

If you’re wondering how asking for help will increase your profit from photography, I have a story for you.

Back in the day when I was a songwriter, I used to play all of the instruments myself when I was recording my original songs, I thought I knew best what needed to be done, then an opportunity arose for me to record in Los Angeles, so off I went.

We used a studio called ‘Friends of Rufus’ in Burbank, the producer had hired session musicians to play on the recordings. Awesome experience but when we were finished recording everything, the mastering engineer who was helping me said, ‘okay, we’re going to take the tapes to another studio for mixing now’  – this perplexed me because I thought, ‘these guys already know the stuff’ and that is exactly why he wanted to go somewhere else

New eyes see new things and this can be so much of a benefit.

When you apply this business, the association is that while you might think you know what needs to be done or that you can do it better than anyone else because it’s your business and you’ve worked everything out.

That can hold you back and the example I’ll use is customer relations – in the beginning I made all the calls myself, I had to because there wasn’t anyone else and I thought I was doing a good job until I had someone helping me one day  – after hearing how they handled  phone calls, I never made another one.

I’m Mark Lait and I learned the value of asking other people for their opinion, how do you know what someone else has to contribute if you don’t ask them?  This and other valuable advice is part of what I’ve learned over many years, follow along by subscribing to the youtube channel, liking my videos, and giving me the thumbs up.

how asking for help will increase your profit

Do you want to become wealthier?

So, like when I was at the studios in California, a different point of view during those phone calls provided a different outcome and I learned a valuable lesson then.

I learned that being a one stop shop can be very limiting. These days I use a team of experts and focus on what I should be doing – again, it’s recognising strengths and weaknesses. Recognising this helped me increase my profit.

I was average at getting bookings but I’m excellent at project management and systems analysis – I’m crap at I.T but I’m great at understanding how to pose people so that they’ll buy the photo I take of them,  and I’m awful at remembering what I did 5 minutes ago but unbeatable at focussing on the job at hand until it’s complete – And it was after I let go of being a control freak that things became a lot easier and a lot better in business.

To increase your profit from photography, you have to let go …

Letting go is a skill to be mastered because it seems counter intuitive when you think you’ve got all the answers – Wanting to be in control of everything also gets tiresome for those around you, do you really want to be paying staff to wait until you’re ready to approve what they’ve done – I don’t.

letting go in order to ask for helpWatch the bank account rise.

It doesn’t show a lot of faith in the ability of your staff to perform their own roles if they’re continually waiting for your approval.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to take the photos, edit the photos, sell the photos, print the photos, handover the photos, fix the computers when they break down, do your own accounting and the thousand other things involved in running a business – when are you going to have time to grow that business?

All I’m saying is have a team of experts to rely on. You need an I.T. expert, you need an accountant, you need people better than you at getting customers through the door – so don’t fool yourself by thinking that by doing everything you’re saving money – it’s a false economy because other people are better at it than you.

The I.T expert will probably put a better fix in place that will save you time, the accountant will probably point out areas where you’ll save money.

Perfectionism is a noose around your neck, when you think that nobody can do things as well as you, when you don’t want to ask for help you’ll burnout very quickly, it’s important to have a balance and you can get that balance by getting others to help you, and don’t worry about the money – worry about your sanity.

Maybe you have to ask yourself why you need to be the supreme ruler of the universe.

Going back to where I used to record all the instruments on my original music, once I let others in to offer their view of how things should sound, I learnt things.

They were things I learnt from people who had different skills than me and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. We all need the support and input of people who know things we don’t, so don’t try to be a hero and do it all – you’ll get way further if you take the blinkers off and see what else is out there, and if you really want to increase your profit from photography, an open mind is your best friend.

Next week I’m going to talk about taking too many photos – what’s the right amount – tune in to find out and in the meantime, if you want some great free tips on how to improve your photography business, have a look here –  see you then.