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Mark Lait

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Screenshot of pro select photography sales softwareHow do you increase your photography sales?

We use image presentation software for our photography sales, we show the client a slideshow of their images, it’s awesome and it also has the ability to give your clients the option to select either yes, no or maybe when it comes to making their choices. We learned that by eliminating the maybe choice, our sales increased.

Make it easy for the client to buy their photos.

I will emphasise again that you should try everything possible to make it easy for the client to buy from you and this is yet another way of doing that.  By eliminating the maybe choice you do two things – you make the choice easier and you also introduce FOMO or fear of missing out.

Not everyone will agree with this method.

There will be people who don’t agree with this and that’s fine, the wonderful thing about democracies are that you are free to have your own choice but there’s a reason why this business is called ‘Make money from photography’ – and that’s because this is one of the steps in the big picture to make sure that happens.

If you aren’t making money – you don’t have a business.

Every little bit helps, every small thing you do to make it easier for the client will reward you. Over the years, with all of these timesaving and optimising ideas the system is unbelievably good at doing just that – making money.

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The reasoning.

Let’s dive into the thinking behind this. If you give your clients the option to put photos in the maybe category, you’ll prolong the viewing and decision-making process.

Limit the options.

Because they have the safety net of being able to go back to that maybe folder and seeing them again and this is where the psychology comes in. You know and they know that you can always go and have a look in any of those folders again at any time but when the client has said no to a photo, it is put aside in their mind, they have decided that they don’t want it.

Ask the question.

If you accompany the individual image viewing after the slideshow with something like ‘would you like to see this one again?’ you are asking them to make a choice between yes or no and most times they will choose yes – let’s go even further – if you have the choice of yes, no or maybe, they will see that they already have, let’s say 15 in the yes folder, 15 in the maybe folder and 15 in the no folder. Your photography sales can depend on what you do here.

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Beware of your client jumping ahead of you.

Because you have already explained your prices to them before you started, just like any reputable business owner does, there’s a chance that they will make a decision based on what they see in the yes folder, they’ll be multiplying the individual cost of photos by 15 and coming up with unrealistic amounts, that’s just human nature, 

Get the overview of how our photography business works here.

\We all quietly calculate the cost of things when making purchases which is why it’s so important to reassure them not to worry about prices at this time because you have some great deals you can offer them.

So taking a step back, let’s use the second method where there are only two choices, yes or no.

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Change the rules to suit you

The game has changed because the safety net of the maybe folder has been removed and they will have to decide whether they want the photo or not.

Shorten the distance to the end.

The likelihood is that you will now end up an even split, so 22 in the yes folder and 23 in the no folder, well how about that, you just so happen to have a product which is a 20 image collection priced at [whatever your price is] and if they purchase that today, you will also include the other two images and you make sure that this represents an extra $500 vale on top of your discounted collection.

Have a look at the beginners guide to starting a photography business from scratch, maybe it’s what you’re looking for and hopefully it will increase your awareness of photography sales.

When you make it easy to buy, people will buy and if they can’t afford the full price up front, you offer them one of your payment plans, it couldn’t be simpler – I don’t know why people complicate this stuff. Simplify, simplify, simplify – make your life easier and help them make the choice, give your clients the option of an easy purchasing process, you’ll never regret it.