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How to use the warp tool in photoshop

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

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graphic created in photoshop where the warp tool resides

Photoshop is awesome.

If you don’t know how to use the warp tool in photoshop you are missing out!

I love photoshop, it’s my best friend when it comes to sales but I want to continue talking about the warp tool, for so many years I used liquify and the clone stamp tool to do my repair work but then I discovered the warp tool.

My entire agenda is to optimise time and save money in my portrait photography business and if I can do something in one move instead of multiple moves to get the same, or better result then, that’s what I will do.

Like most of us I used to carefully select an area adjacent to the part I wanted to patch and then clone it and stamp it in at 10 or 20 percent – sometimes it took half an hour to fix a photo, but I would always get there in the end, it just took so long to do!

The video below is a great example of this, there is a huge bit of paint missing on the floor, it’s just worn off over time but why repaint it – just photoshop it out, or in as the case may be.

I’m Mark Lait and I can help you understand the importance of quick efficient workflows to achieve the optimum result for your business. If you want to give yourself the best chance of growing your business, follow along by subscribing to the youtube channel, liking my videos,  and giving me the thumbs up.

Distorted clock showing that the warp tool in photoshop can be your friend

Distortion is your friend.

You always want to be preserving the original layer in case you mess it up so parts of these tutorial will probably be repetitive but that’s because I want you to get into good habits!

There are some very cool masking tricks which I will show you along the way as well.

In this video I have used a five-pixel feather but I want you to use different sizes so that you can see for yourself what happens with edges. Once you have tried five pixels, use ‘CMD Z’ to undo and try it at 10 and so forth – best way to find out how it works I’m telling ya.

Five pixels is a nice soft selection for mine, it doesn’t dilute too much but still eliminates the hard edge.

There’s nothing too hard about any of this and I know that’s easy for me to say but I encourage you to try these tutorials – they’re a good way to get into good habits from the start.

image of process used with warp tool in photoshop

Warp your way to success.

The video gives you the essentials, but if you’re hungry for more, go and have a look at my tips pages.  There’s loads of stuff on there to keep you amused and all of it has come from what I do in my studio, these are the processes and methods that took me to a seven-figure turnover so I hope you find them helpful.

Back to the image, now you can just use the spot healing brush or the stamp tool to tidy it up a bit more if you’re completely obsessed with perfection but remember, you’ll only be doing that for yourself, the client will never know. Happy warping.