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Email or paper mail?

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

Email is great isn’t it, so convenient when you get to your desk in the morning and go delete, delete, delete … and they’re all gone so that everything is nice and clean.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think email marketing is dead and we certainly use it a lot in our business, but it’s for a different purpose, we use it mostly to let people know what to expect after we’ve made contact with them. There’s a couple of reasons, if you’ve spoken to them and told them that you will send them an email confirming what you discussed on the phone, they’re more likely to watch out for it, the other thing is that, surprisingly, people often do as they’re told, especially if there’s a perceived benefit so if you tell them to look out for your email, they probably will.

I’ve had many marketers over the years tell me that email is just the best thing, and it probably is but I think it depends on the industry.

I know that if we send emails to a new prospect list we get very little interest, but if we talk to them on the phone first, and tell them we’re sending them an email with a benefit to them in it,  the open rate skyrockets!

Let’s talk about paper mail now, one of our most cost effective marketing ventures is the ‘risk free guarantee’ and it’s all about relationship marketing. Small business owners need all the help they can get to bring attention to their businesses, and when you partner with them to deliver a unique gift to their clients, just because those clients used their business, your profits can go through the roof!

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You know all those email you deleted? one of them had this same offer in it, but you probably just thought it was spam so you deleted it,  you check your letterbox when you get home and there’s a letter in there, this one is different, it’s in a nice envelope.

You open it and inside is a personalised letter to you with a gift card, it’s from the agency you bought your house from, and it’s thanking you for using their business, that’s very thoughtful isn’t it?

The gift card says something like ‘because we’re grateful for your business, have a photoshoot on us’, that gift card looks special, you rub it between your fingers, it’s embossed, it’s laminated, it feels expensive and you’re thinking, wow, that’s very generous of those guys, so what do you do with it ? you pin it on the fridge and you throw the thank you letter on your desk, and there they stay, every time you walk past the fridge you think, ‘I must book in for that photoshoot’ , and when you shuffle the papers on your desk you see the letter and realise that you haven’t done it yet. Where’s that email with the offer in it? … gone, long gone, never to be seen again …

I’m always saying the slow and steady plan is the one that is most worthwhile … and sending those letters in the post costs money compared to email … but think about the benefit of having your offer in front of eyes until it is used – that is invaluable.