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Don’t hide the facts!

Mark Lait

Mark Lait

You know what I hate? you go to buy something which is advertised at $200 and when you get to the checkout, the attendant says that will be $330 thanks … then you find out that  the $200 price only applies if you’re a member of their rewards club and you need to have spent $5000 with them in the last year to qualify for that.

They will always tell you that it ‘clearly’ states this in the terms and conditions on the offer and yes, they’ve got you again, it does say it in .6 font at the bottom on the back but you know what?  it’s not fair … it’s not fair on the service attendant or you, they’ve got to deal with people who thought they were getting a bargain and suddenly find out that they’re not, so you’ve either got to find another $130 or go find hat item somewhere else.

I see this as bad practice and I talk about this more in The business of photography post so go and check that out as well.

Now a lot of people will just pay the extra because they’re already there, and that’s what this kind of sales technique counts on but how would it make you feel about that shop? it’s not going to leave a good taste in your mouth is it



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Years ago, when we used to market in shopping centre,  people would tell me stories about other photography studios who wouldn’t reveal their prices until the client was seeing the photos for the first time or the prices they were told before the shoot are different after the shoot for whatever reason.

It’s the same thing, the client is already there, the photos are done and they’re looking at them now, they love them and they’ve formed an emotional attachment to the, this puts a lot of pressure on the client and the salesperson and it’s not necessary, people will usually buy the photos anyway and if they don’t you just have to remember that it’s a numbers game, if they don’t but, the next person will, or the person after – it doesn’t matter.

I decided long ago that we would always be totally transparent with our prices,  it’s worked well for us because everyone knows where they stand, there’s no surprises and you slash your no sale rate by avoiding people who can’t afford your product.

You might not know but you can listen to a podcast of this lesson here and there’s a bunch of other stuff to listen to as well.

Those photography studios who hide or disguise their prices.

They have their reviews turned off and I’m pretty certain that it’s because people buy the photos, usually with steam coming out of their ears and then as soon as they get home, they write a blistering review telling the world how they were ripped off!

Why invite that kind of opinion? It doesn’t make sense … reviews are a double edged sword, you need them but you need to make sure that as many as possible are favourable and in the next despatch, I’m going to talk about how I created a system where people will enthusiastically provide a google review for your business so make sure you’re around for that.

I hope you got something out of this, every little bit helps