Create the level of income you want from portrait photography

It’s funny how, even when you’ve been in the game for over 33 years you can still be surprised. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who is wanting to get into the business of portrait photography or just improve their current studio bottom line…( MAKE MORE PROFIT )
If I had read this when I was starting out, my journey would have been much quicker and smoother, it just tells you the stuff that takes years to figure out on your own
Paul Vellasarris

Make Money From Photography

Glad you decided to read on … this is what I did to go from four figures to Seven figures per year in turnover. I hope it provides the inspiration to push yourself to do something for yourself, there is no greater reward – I have learned in my life that everything is sales, whether you’re asking someone for a date or buying a new car, you have to either sell yourself or negotiate the best deal …


If you’ve ever asked yourself

  • How do I get customers
  • What price should I charge for my photography
  • How do I sell to the customer
  • How do I overcome my fear of selling
  • What are the best products to sell
  • How do I deal with people successfully
  • How do I influence people to come and see me
  • What do I need to get started
  • Who’s going to buy my photos
  • What’s the legal stuff I need to consider

This is the book for you!

It seems that in the age of Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit and the numerous other social media platforms out there, that everyone is a photographer. I’ve only seen a handful of people make any money out of it and Mark Lait is one of the few I’ve seen build a substantial business that isn’t just a one-man band, but a thriving multi-million dollar organisation. Mark’s commercial acumen, drive for innovation and ability to flex with the markets has been inspiring to watch over the years. If I wanted to grow a photography business, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Jude Mahony Founder and MD, Optimal Resourcing Ex-Global TA Manager, Rio Tinto